Presentations and Papers

All talks included papers which are presented during the Policy and Academic Conference can be found here:


  • Munenobu Ikegami, Christopher B. Barrett, and Sommarat Chantarat (June 2015) Dynamic Effects of Index Based Livestock Insurance on household Intertemporal Behavior and Welfare (Ikegami Dynamic_IBLI 20160601)
  • Nathaniel D. Jensen, Christopher B. Barrett and Andrew G. Mude ( June 2015) Index Insurance and Cash Transfers: A Comparative Analysis from Northern Kenya (Jensen Barrett Mude 2015_5_1)
  • Erin Lentz, Robert Ouma and Andrew Mude (June 2015) Does Peer Monitoring Influence Choices Between Cash and Food: Findings from a Field Experiment in Northern Kenya (Lentz Ouma Mude_2015)

Policy Workshop Presentations

  • Bashir H (June 2015) Takaful Insurance of Africa – A Bond Beyond Insurance (ppt)
  • Carter M (June 2015) The Design and Implementation of Index Insurance Initiatives:
    3 Challenges for Policy (pdf)
  • Githinji V (June 2015) Kenya Livestock Insurance Programme: Convergence of Public Policy, Research and Private Sector Innovations (ppt)
  • Jensen N (June 2015) Crowd Sourcing Rangeland Vegetation Conditions (pdf)
  • Lyons (June 2015) Improving Organizational Efficiency through Information & Communication Technology
  • McPeak (June 2015) Animal Fattening and Fodders (pdf)
  • Mude A (June 2015) Index Based Livestock Insurance Toward Sustainable Livestock Insurance for Pastoralists: From Research to Practice and Impact (ppt)
  • Toth R (June 2015) Determinants of Migration and Environmental Spillovers of IBLI (pdf)

Academic Workshop Presentations

  • Atzberger and Luminari (June 2015) Satellite-based drought monitoringin Kenya in an operational setting (ppt)
  • Carter M and Janzen S (June 2015) Social Protection in the Face of Climate Change:
    Targeting Principles and Financing Mechanisms (pdf)
  • Chebelyon E and Lyons E (June 2015) Pastoralist Market Engagement in The
    Presence of Index Based Livestock Insurance: Evidence from Northern Kenya (pdf)
  • Cissé J and Upton J (June 2015) Does Insurance Improve Resilience? (ppt)
  • Gobin V (June 2015) The impact of a multipronged approach to poverty alleviation on household outcomes (ppt)
  • Gomes C and Xue Y (June 2015) Computational Sustainability and Applications in Pastoralism (ppt)
  • Gesare A, Sheahan M, Mude A and Banerjee R (2015) A Gendered Approach to Credit Demand: Evidence from Marsabit District, Kenya (ppt)
  • Jensen N (June 2015) Index Insurance and Cash Transfers: A Comparative Analysis of Northern Kenya (pdf)
  • Johnson L (June 2015) Competing Expectations (pdf)
  • Little P and Tiki W (June 2015) The “Elephant in the Room” Issues in pastoralism research: An informal conversation (ppt)
  • Munenobu I, Barrett C and Chantarat S (2015) Dynamic Effects of Index Based Livestock Insurance on Household Intertemporal Behavior and Welfare (ppt)
  • Muller B, Dressler G and Felix J (June 2015) Potential of social-ecological modelling to understand dynamics of pastoral land use under processes of change (ppt)
  • Lentz E, Ouma R and Mude A (June 2015) Does Peer Monitoring Influence Choices between Cash and Food? (ppt)
  • Lyons E (June 2015) The Impact of Mobile Training on Sales Performance: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment (pdf)
  • Tafere K, Barrett C, Lentz E and Ayana B T (June 2015) The Subjective Well-being Gains from Insurance that Doesn’t Pay Out (pdf)
  • Takahashi K (June 2015) Is the demand of the index-based livestock insurance and informal insurance network substitute or complement? (ppt)
  • Toth R (June 2015) Mobile Pastoralism, Index Insurance, Computational Sustainability and Policy Innovations for the Arid and Semi-arid Lands of East Africa (ppt)
  • Vrieling A, Meron M, Mude A, Chantarat S, Ummenhofer C and Kees de Bie (June 2015) Early Assessment of Forage Availability for an Asset Protection Insurance Scheme (ppt)



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